My name is Jonathan Marshall and I specialize in private money lending, deal evaluation and loan structuring to invest in or acquire income producing assets with minimized risk.  Though an individual, I am part of the largest community of private lenders and one of the largest groups of real estate investors in the United States.  Through private financing and real estate-backed lending, acquisitions and sales, it’s my privilege to provide joint-venture and real estate investment opportunities for partnered investors.

I work with real estate investors who need capital for their deals.  To more effectively meet their needs, I am happy to work with capital investors who would like to realize the potential of building wealth through passive income and/or equity partnership.

“Jonathan Marshall is a deal-assessing, private money lender who demands a high ethical Profile picstandard for his deals on paper and for his partners.

Jonathan has the sharp eye of an investor and hard money lender, and he is numbers-centered, but with a philanthropist’s heart.  He invests his own money in a variety of residential and commercial deals, calls in partners to share deals, finds partners for other people’s deals, and even presents the positive-cash-flow benefit of the real estate deals he creates to individuals who want better investment possibilities than their CDs or  IRAs or 401Ks provide.”